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January 18, 2011


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Emmylou's a lock for the hof- it'll be a little awkward for her to be in without Gram.

Looking at talent in his bands- the byrds, and the burritos, and all the hot bands emmylou had, it really makes you wonder about what was missed by Gram dying so young. Gram made everyone around him better.

great post!

Radley Balko

Thanks, Marty. Emmylou is actually already in the Country HOF.


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Will James

Yes, it's true Emmylou is in the Hall and her mentor is not. You can help change that at: - Join the nearly 3,600 who have signed so far from all corners of the globe.

Will James

If you agree with this column and feel that Gram Parsons should be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, please join nearly 3,600 from around the world at:


Great post!

Although Buddy Holly and Jerry Lee Lewis (among others) might take issue with the statement, "Parsons brought country to rock. Brought some rock to country." ;^)

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